In Theme


In our theme topic we looked at natural disasters, and we looked at how volcanos, hurricanes, tornados and thunderstorms were created. We also looked at magnets and forces. We enjoyed this topic a lot, especially looking at volcanoes. For art, we looked at volcano artwork and were really inspired, so we created our version of a volcano using tissue paper. 

Bake off challenge

Along with other schools in the community, we carried out a bake off challenge in year 3. We decided that we wanted to have a theme to follow and help us design our cakes. We decided that Valentine ’s Day themed cupcakes would be a fantastic idea and we could give them to our family and friends. We worked fantastically as a whole class, and we were able to create as little mess as possible. All children were passionate about their designs and it showed when they were finally able to bake and decorate their cakes. Once we created our cupcakes, we wrote up instructions so anyone can recreate our fantastic designs! Just call us Mary Berry! We picked a girl and a boy who were able to represent Elizabeth Woodville at Brookevale.

Super learning day

We looked at forces and magnets. Our experiment was to see what happens when a ramp has different surfaces. We were able to understand friction and how it may slow objects down. This was made more fun by dressing up as mad scientists.