Mental Health Week 2017

We didn’t think that it was possible to spread anymore kindness at Elizabeth Woodville, but we were delighted to celebrate Children’s Mental Health Week this year, scattering even more kindness across the whole school!

At the start of the week, we launched our kindess ‘bucket filling’ challenge to celebrate our acts of kindness. KS1 performed a beautiful ‘feelings’ song in assembly, our four very brave volunteers particpated by telling others how talking has helped them, Year 1 painted emotion stones which will be displayed in our school garden, Year 2 created a kindness paper chain which is getting bigger by the day, Year 3 celebrated how we are different through their wonderful Elmer collages and KS2 had lots of fun playing friendship games, learning all about their strengths & favourite things. Wow, what a week!

The kindness didn’t end there either! Staff also spread lots of kindness and gratitude with our new staff ‘shoutout’ board and the winner of our staff kindness prize draw is Ms Jarman.

Our school is also now a proud supporter of the Heads Together campaign, showing the importance of our mental wellbeing as well as our physcial health. Our digital leaders will shortly be making a video in support of this to highlight all of the exciting things we have been doing. Watch this space!

“It is great to have you on board and we’re really looking forward to working with you over the course of the campaign”

Sophia Sullivan

Heads Together

The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry

Our mental health website is now live! Here you will find lots of information, useful links and can read all about the emotional support we offer to our pupils and parents.

Finally, we wrote to the Chief Executive Officer of the charity ‘Place 2 Be’ to inform her of all of the wonderful things that we have been doing, here is her reply:

“Thank you so so much for your note, that is just fantastic to hear and wonderful that you are signed up as a Heads Together Supporter too! 

My warmest wishes and please don't hesitate to let us know anything we can provide to be of assistance to your school. 

My warmest wishes and real appreciation.”

Catherine Roche, Chief Executive Officer

Place 2 Be