School Uniform

The Governors strongly recommend that parents adopt the school uniform for their children as:

  • it encourages a sense of identity and a sense of purpose within the school
  • it counteracts peer pressure to wear unsuitable clothing
  • it is safer and more hygienic, as it is appropriate for the activities the children will be undertaking
  • it is more economical to buy

In the case of out-of-school visits, teachers may make special arrangements, depending on the activities undertaken, though it is usual for uniform to be worn on most trips out of school.

School clothing consists of these items:

  • Pillar box red jumpers, cardigans or sweatshirts
  • White shirts, polo shirts or blouses
  • Grey trousers/shorts, grey skirts
  • School colour scheme dresses (in the summer)
  • Red caps (optional) in the summer
  • Black shoes


In the interests of safety, comfort and hygiene, the following clothing for school sports lessons should be provided for your child to wear.  We do stress the importance of changing after P.E. or games as part of our Health Education Policy.  Please can parents ensure that both indoor and outdoor kit is always available in school.

For indoor P.E: Black shorts and white T-shirt; leotard without legs for girls if desired.
Footwear: bare feet or plimsoll type shoes. 
For outdoor Games: Black shorts and white T-shirt in fine weather.
Tracksuit in cold weather.
Footwear: trainers, plimsolls, football boots if desired. Spare socks.

Order forms for school clothing are available from the School Office.  Items ordered from our suppliers are of good quality and very reasonably priced and the tops bear an attractive woven school logo.

The following items of clothing in particular are considered inappropriate

  • Denim clothing, sport clothing with logos.
  • Fashion items like “crop tops”, hipster trousers.

If there are any problems with providing or obtaining the uniform, there will be a limited stock available for loan.

Hats. In hot sunny weather, children are encouraged to wear hats for their protection. We have a stock of red baseball-type caps for sale at school.


We strongly advise that jewellery should not be worn to school; only stud earrings or authorised medical chains should be worn.  We insist that all watches and jewellery such as necklaces or earrings should be removed for physical activities.


School teams will be loaned kit for matches; parents are asked to return it, laundered, as soon as possible.  For the messier art/craft activities an aprons are provided.  A clothes-peg with your child’s name on it is the best way of ensuring the right pair of wellingtons comes home in wet weather!

Named Clothing

Each child should have a bag to keep his/her kit in.  Every item of clothing, footwear or other property must be marked with the child’s name - either with sewn labels or indelible marker pen.  This is most important and parents should make every effort to ensure that their children’s clothing can be readily identified.