Year 4 have been learning about the Earth.  We learned the names of the continents and oceans, researched fascinating facts about the continents, discovered how tectonic plates move, why earthquakes happen and found out what’s inside our Earth. 

As part of our Super Science learning day, we made tornadoes in a jar and volcanoes which actually erupted! 

Very messy and great fun!

Year 4 Engineering Challenges

The children got into groups of 3 or 4 and worked together on a spaghetti challenge and paddle boat challenge in order to take part in the Engineering Day at South Charnwood High School.

For the spaghetti challenge, they were given 4 marshmallows and a quarter of a packet of spaghetti. They had to build a tower using the spaghetti and marshmallows that would also hold a chocolate egg. The tallest tower that could hold the chocolate egg for more than 30 seconds was the winning tower.

For the paddle boat challenge, the children had two plastic bottles, some tape, a paddle shapes lolly stick, an elastic band and some corks. They had to build a boat that moved across the water. Some children worked out independently that they would need to fill the bottles with some water to act as ballast in order to make them move more effectively in the water.

For both tasks, there was some great team work. Class 4 had a fabulous time!