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Parent/Carer Support

The support of parents and carers is also important to us. We believe that parents/carers are the most knowledgeable about their child, but being a parent is tough and sometimes we can all experience difficult and challenging circumstances.

We can provide parent support programmes using staff with accreditation from The Centre for Fun and Families.  The aim of the workshops is to help members with their difficulties by providing:

  • A safe place to share views and feelings 
  • Support 
  • The opportunity to look at some possible reasons for difficult behaviours 
  • A chance to share ideas and approaches that have helped others 
  • A place to work out personal solutions to worrying behaviours 
  • A focus on communication and listening skills 
  • The opportunity to develop strategies that can help 
  • The chance to enjoy some laughter along the way 

If you are interested in taking part in a parent support programme please contact Mrs Nash through the school office.